Audio and video as elegant simplicity


Audio and video as elegant simplicity

simple & powerful AV solutions

We are disrupting the commercial AV space with incredible customer service, responsiveness and our amazing attitude towards client happiness and success. We come from a strong foundation in IT and signal processing and take pride in translating our technical mastery into smart, easy to use solutions for our clients.

We bid on new construction and retrofit from 2,000 to  300,000+ Sq. Ft. commercial interiors. 

We deliver a turn-key solution with an upgrade path for whatever comes next and can handle any size AV project

A full-service audio, video and technology Integrator

We are a full-service audio and video integrator based in Austin, TX. We work on commercial and residential AV & IT projects. Our strong AV, IT, client services, creative and engineering backgrounds inform our design for simple but powerful solutions. 



  • Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, All-hands & Training spaces
  • Video Displays / TVs
  • Video Conferencing Systems Integration: Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Tandberg
  • Audio DSP
  • Video Walls / LED walls 
  • Sound Masking Systems / White noise / Paging
  • Multi-zone audio and paging
  • Sound masking
  • Digital Signage
  • Automation for AV, lighting, HVAC (Nest &Lutron) and Shades 
  • Front / Rear Projection Systems and Screens 
  • Retail Space Sound and Video

Standard services

Design / Build - We can design, provide parts and build an entire AV system from the ground up. We can work under a GC, property management, owner or any entity involved with the project

Build to spec - We can take a design provided by a 3rd party and build it as designed

Design & AV consulting - We can work with you or your client design an entire AV project for a complete bid package or to give you budget estimates for the AV portion of a project

Early-stage consulting - We work with you on test fits in early stages to help make sure AV considerations are taken into account to save $ on design changes later


Do you need a conference room redone? Are you building out an office or large residence? Call us for a free consultation.

512-593-0868 or emily@felixmediasolutions.com


About Us

About Us


We care. We genuinely care about getting it right and making sure you are satisfied. We design a solution custom-tailored for your specific needs. We do not have a template, just a mission to keep it simple and make you happy. We provide our clients with an experience not a product. We are there for you long after the project ends with obsessive aftercare. We show up on time, always answer the phone, texts and emails, clean up, and leave things better than we found them. Do we support you long after the project is over? YES. Ask any of our clients. 

Real Differences

You are always treated as a valued client on the first day we meet and years after the job is complete.
We come from the place of YES.
We show up when we say we will.
We only have seasoned AV & IT techs. You will never see "cheap techs" on our jobs. Ever.
We clean up after ourselves, are polite, are dressed professionally and leave things better than they were.
We are the easiest trade on your construction site, the quietest and most discrete vendor on your property.
We return emails and calls quickly and cheerfully.
We stay on budget.
We do not underbid and then change-order you to death.
We only spec the right parts, not the most expensive ones.
We collaborate with the other trades and never blame others.
We come back, check on you, and fix things for free long after anyone else would.

What we do

We find simple, powerful solutions for your business. We design, install and support fun, interactive and advanced systems that work the way you expect them to.

We offer you examples, let you see, touch and play with the things that may be part of your new experience with media.

We collaborate with you on timing, manage subcontractors, and go through every line item with you so you know exactly what you're getting.

We deliver a complete solution that meets your expectations because that's the right thing to do. Period.


We work with you to develop a complete solution for your technology needs that is both powerful and easy to use. We believe that people, regardless of their technical ability or interest, should be able to walk into a space and DO what they want to do without friction.

Lionel Felix

I am a lifelong techie with 20 years of IT and AV experience managing technology teams at Sony Pictures, First Look, frogdesign and Y&R. My education is in broadcast production and post-production with a focus on video and editing. I have been designing and building audio and video systems since I was a kid. Having run technology design, management, and customer service organizations, I understand how people use technology. I am committed to building great solutions that work and are easy to use. 

Mike Watts

I love figuring things out and making them sing. My background in IT, RTF and project management gives us an advantage in being able to learn and implement the advanced technologies our clients are asking for.


Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts


  • Trilogy
  • Starflight
  • Ballet Austin
  • E.On
  • Old Castle
  • Gravity Coworking
  • Myriad RBM
  • RVI
  • Newgistics
  • LiveOps
  • Barre3
  • Precision Camera
  • Tocquigny
  • Vast
  • Preacher
  • Scott Felder Homes
  • IES
  • Mark Ashby Design
  • Trailer Park Studios
  • Bridges on the Park
  • SkinnyPop
  • Vesture
  • Ancient Art
  • Arrive Logistics
  • Hawkeye


  • Conde Nast
  • Kendra Scott
  • Silicon Labs
  • Bazaarvoice
  • Snap Kitchen
  • Capital Factory
  • Spiceworks
  • Capgemini
  • Qualcomm
  • Retail Me Not
  • SAFE
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Transwestern
  • Busch
  • Spredfast
  • Stratfor
  • Calavista Software
  • JD Abrams
  • Akin Gump
  • NY Life
  • EOS
  • Embree Group
  • WP Engine
  • Compass Learning


A short list of some of the products we like


A short list of some of the products we like