silicon labs

Challenge: Turn a clean, modern lobby into a functional space for all-hands gatherings for 300+ people and quarterly meetings, and let it also be functional for digital signage and small events viewings like F1 and World Cup.

Solution: We worked with Neoti to design a direct-view LED wall that worked out to a seamless 1080P side-by-side screen with a native resolution of 3840X1080. The whole wall was sunk into a fabric-covered acoustic wall covering to create a clean look. The side-by side screens allow people on both sides of the structural column to get a full view of content as well as having the ability to join the screens together to create a single canvas for content. The system is controlled by a simple Extron touch screen that switches content easily. When using the cameras mounted all around the room in discrete locations including a hidden dome-camera, a Blackmagic switcher is employed. Sound is provided by 40 Sonance commercial speakers pushed by Extron amplifers across 3 zones managed by a Biamp DSP to provide perfect audio processing. 

Result: By installing this system they save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in live event production where all they need is movable lights and catering. The system will pay for itself in 3 years and the lifespan of the room is more than 10 years with the LED wall having a 100,000 hour lifecycle. 

Bragging Rights: The largest indoor TV in Austin.




Challenge: Outfit a large all-hands space, 2 multi-purpose rooms and 65 conference rooms with easy to use technology.

Solution: We worked with Lifesize Video Conferencing to provide an easy to use experience in conference rooms designed for VC and collaboration. 

Result: The rooms are plug-and-play. People walk into the spaces, plug in, dial and go.  

Kendra scott

Challenge: Provide sophisticated, modern AV solutions that are virtually invisible so as not to distract from the high-end finish-out 

Solution: We integrated Lifesize video conferencing and Barco Clickshare technology to create a 1-button, wireless, easy-to-use environment from huddle rooms to multi-purpose spaces. You'll notice, or maybe not, the tiny Shure MX395 button microphones in the hard-top ceiling. Audio DSP for the whole-room phone and video conferencing by Biamp.


jd abrams

Challenge: Design a video wall solution for divisible conference rooms for large format, high resolution presentations. Mic the room where the tables are movable. The ceiling is 22' and the walls are unusable.  

Solution: We used an LG 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel system to create a 110" 2x2 video wall system for 3 of their spaces as well as using the low voltage lighting fixture as a platform to mount RF-resistant microphones.

The Pond hockey club

Challenge: Create a multi-zone sound system with paging and scoring in a space with poor acoustics.

Solution: We developed a solution based on Octasound's proven speaker systems developed specifically for rinks on top of a DBX Zonepro / Crown zone audio and amplifier system.

Barre 3 - Fourpoints

Challenge: Design a fitness audio system for a high-energy Barre studio.

Solution: We tweaked a design provided by the franchise to increase stability, volume and voice intelligibility.


Challenge: Design and build simple to use but fully featured conference rooms, all hands area.

Solution: Working with our clients at Spiceworks and the architects at KDS we designed conference rooms with simple in-wall push-button controls, no visible wires, large Screen Innovations Slate .8 120" projection screens lit by the Epson 4855 WUXGA projectors and Barco Clickshare systems for wireless presenting. In the all hands area we provided in-ceiling speakers to cover the room in audio and 2 143" screens, Epson projectors and the wireless Barco Clickshare to present content. 

Result: Easy to use rooms where starting a presentation takes seconds and no IT support. Press one button and go. 


silicon labs

Challenge: Our client needed a multi-function split room for training, all hands, meetings with fully integrated audio and video. 

Solution: The room includes 16 in-ceiling microphones that can be turned on and off for calls or meetings. Speakers blanket the room so everyone can hear the presenter or people on the other end of the call. Audio processing for the whole room is done through the BiAmp TesiraFORTE digital signal processor. The room can be broken into two completely autonomous spaces with their own video, in-ceiling microphones, handheld and wearable microphones, speakers and controls, or together for large lectures, meetings, conferences, voice calls and Lifesize video calls. 

The presenter has a confidence monitor so they can see their presentation without looking behind them or at a small laptop. Under the confidence monitor screen is a DSAN Limitimer, a speaker timing system run from the back of the room to tell the speaker how long they have left. All of the equipment for the room is housed in an in-wall locking rack that allows an operator in the back of the room to run the presentation for the speaker if needed. RTI XK-7 in-wall panels are at the front of both halves of the room and in the rear so an operator can change the room functions. 

Result: Anyone can walk into the room, press a button on the wall, pick up the microphone and go. From a lecture to an international video call, the sound quality is like you're right there. The system is always ready and no one needs to prep the room. 


bazaarvoice - SFO

Challenge: Set up 7 conference rooms that are easy to use, have no visible wires and can be reset without IT support. 

Solution: When moving their office we helped set them up with a whole new all-hands area mirroring the same features as the Austin office. We included reset buttons on the furniture that allowed a Lifesize unit to be rebooted without giving access to the hardware to the end user. All speakerphones and microphones were permanently installed into the furniture so there are no visible wires and nothing can get tangled. 

Result: An office with advanced features that does not require technical assistance to operate or fix.


Private Residence, TRAVIS HEIGHTS

Challenge:A very discerning client with a taste for high-end audio asked us to tie his whole system together and make an audiophile system usable for everyone.

Solution: We completed the automation of all AV, whole house audio using iPad control through RTI. We used Ubiquiti for their whole house WiFi. We tied everything together with seamless automation and hid all of the hardware and wires in closets and furniture. 

Result: The home maintains its extremely clean look while being an audio and video enthusiast paradise.