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Video Conferencing & AV Installation

We are revolutionizing the commercial AV market by prioritizing client experience and providing the best customer service in the industry. Our dedication to client satisfaction is why we are the fastest growing AV company in Texas. We come from a strong foundation in technology and take pride in translating our technical mastery into smart, easy-to-use solutions. We work on new construction and retrofit commercial interiors from 2,000 to 300,000+ square feet.

Prodigy Control Center

Prodigy Control Center

Audio Video Solutions

  • Conference Rooms & Board Rooms

  • Training & All Hands Spaces

  • Huddle Rooms

  • Video Conferencing Systems

  • TV & LED Video Walls from 110 inches to 50 feet and beyond

  • Sound Masking Systems / Background Music

  • Multi-Zone Audio Systems

  • Control & Automation Systems

  • Digital Signage & Public Display

  • Restaurant & Retail AV

  • Front / Rear Projection Systems

  • Public Announcement Systems

  • Room Booking Systems

  • On-premises AV staffing

  • AV support contracts

  • VoIP phone service with RingCentral

professional av installation & support

Anyone can sell product but can they design a system well? Can they install it beautifully? Can they handle custom work? Can they program the systems well? Or at all themselves? Did you know some of the biggest AV companies have no programmers on staff? How can they support you if they can’t support what they install themselves? Like the A-Team, we all have specialties and we all have overlapping skills. Four of us can weld. Three of us have woodworking skills. Four of us are intermediate to pro level programmers in Extron, Crestron, Biamp, Bose DSP, Extron DSP, RTI, CAD and multiple computer programming languages. No other AV company in Austin has more than two of any skill and most have one if any at all.

What about the convergence of AV and IT? We have a combined 60 years of extremely technical IT experience. Four staff members speak TCP/IT at a network administrator level and can design & configure networks that span the globe. Where everything is on the network, we are lightyears ahead of competitors because we came from IT and have a deep technology bench to solve the most difficult of problems and most technical of challenges.

And once in a while we get a visit from Cooper Doodle who thinks he is good at CAD. He helps!  

Our Audio & Video Solutions

Design / Build AV Systems

We can work with any General Contractors, Property Manager, or Owner to Design, Provide Parts, and build an entire Audio Video Systems from the ground up.

Build to Custom Specs

We can build a design provided by you or a third party. 

Design & Audio Video Consulting

We can work closely with you or your client on designing an entire AV project as part of a complete bid package, or simply to give you budget estimates for the AV portion of a your project.

Early-Stage audio video Consulting;

We work with you on test fits in early stages to ensure considerations are taken into account to prevent additional spending on design changes later.

Audio Video Products We Use

Yealink, RingCentral, Zoom, Extron, CrestronSonosQSC, Bose, LGBiamp, LifeSize, Shure, Screen InnovationsSonySamsung, Epson, Chief, Peerless, Vivitek, DBX, JBL, Electrovoice, Owl Labs, Sonance

Memberships: Infocomm, AVIXA, CREW, SMPS


Do you need a conference room redone? Are you building out an office or large residence? Call us for a free consultation.

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